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Isidro Pentzke
11266 Edegwater cir wellington, FL 33414
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  • f: (561) 585 0659
About The Artiest My Name is Isidro G. Pentzke. My love for photography started when I was very young; I always saw the world one frame at a time. As my interest in photography grow, so did my love for how we viewed the material world we live in. The concentration of my work is in the use of lights and shadows. The contrast between what the human eye sees verses what a digital camera can produces; has been a topic that I explore in most of my work. This has led me to my exploration of how the human eye can be tricked by some DSLR cameras. My work represents the investigation of light, perception, and overall composition. The use of mixed lighting has been included in my study to explore different techniques on how to read light. With my work, it is essential that very little to no post work is done. It is my intention to continue the study of lights and shadows in my work. I plan to expand my work to include strobes and larger areas. I also plan to explore the human eye; I found an interest in optometry. Having a better understanding of how the human eye works has only expanded my interest in photography.
Photographic Specializations Children, Community/School, Event, Fashion/Glamour, Fine Art, Parties & Events, Pets, Portrait, Sports/Action, Weddings.